Rostock departure berth 53 (SUPERFAST)
Superfast VII, VIII & iX are all 203 m in lenght and 25 m in breadth
They got two pitch propellers (pitch 1-10 on the telegraph), two bow and one stern thruster
However, only two thrusters can run at the same time, i.e.
either: one bow and one stern
or two bow thrusters at the same time (bow thrusters = 2 x 925 kW; stern thruster= 1350 kW)

Unless the wind blows strongly from East or North-Easterly directions it is recommended to keep close to the Western side of Basin A and make a narrow turn aound pier West. Thereby one should adjust the speed of the two engines the way that the bow is clear for turning. One then should increase the "astern" engine to free some space forward.
It is possible to turn also to the East though. There is,however, less room for turning.


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